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Android things

In an effort to consolidate it's development for smart devices Google has launched Android Things - an IoT platform. Android Things is based on Android OS making its way forward to deal with smart phones and other smart devices including mobile peripherals, home appliances and advanced integrity applications.

After working for quite a some time on Brillo and "Android @ Home" Google has pushed its buttons hard to get Android Things real prospects of bringing seamless consolidation among various smart devices. 

Why could it be most suitable for smart devices?

  • Google previous efforts on Brillo and "Android @ Home" has added huge value to Android Things.
  • Unlike on android smart phone and smart watches Android Things OS will run in the background.
  • It gives a unique flexibility to Smart devices to operate on its own.
  • Android Things inherently supports Weave which makes the communication with IoT devices mush easier.

It will be interesting to see if Android Things pitches itself as a well placed competition to Apple's HomeKit. Belkin WeMo, First Alert and Wink have started their efforts to link the smart devices and popular Google Assistant through Android Things.

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