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Apple Macbook Pro

Apple's 21 March 2016 new product launch event went cold with no updates or word about Macbook Pro. 

Apple rumored to be launching new MacBook Pro 2016 during Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2016.

Macbook Pro has its admirers from all walks of life starting from Students to high-end Media and Software Professionals. 

MacBook Pro line last upgraded in 2015 saw 3 remarkable enhancements

  1. 3D Force Touch Trackpad
  2. Larger Battery Life
  3. Faster SSD Flash Storage 

Lot has been rumored, said and discussed about the probably new features of to be launched Macbook Pro 2016.

Here is a list of top most enhancements that everyone is looking at:

1. Intel Skylake Processor

Skylake Processors has already seen wide adaptability by other manufacturers. Apart from making the performance much faster Skylake Processor will bring following benefits too

  • Magnetic resonance charging: this technology can project the power (for charging) to much larger distance and Apple rumored to be achieving wire-less charging from 1 meter away. No wonder Apple can make it realistic and practical.
  • WiGig peripheral connections:  avails cable-less gigabit-speed communications among peripheral devices which connections to keyboard, mice and monitor will be much streamlined with no mess of cables around it. 
  • USB-C: USB-C offers a reversible USB connection with a speed faster than USB 3.0. We wont have wait for any longer to see it as a successor USB 3.0. Even other mobile devices are also much like to adopt it from standardization perspective.
  • Thunderbolt 3: it provides fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or peripheral device including various USB devices. Thunderbold 3 ports facilitates two 4K displays, fast data, and quick notebook charging.

2. Larger SSD Storage

MacBook Pro 2015 models had introduced 512 GB SSD storage. As SSD getting more cheaper in cost hence it will be safe to assume 1 TB or more SSD getting on board. This will be loved particularly by high Media Professionals. Unlike HDD, SSDs contain no mechanical movements stores the data in integrated circuit assemblies. 

3. Larger RAM

Apple has doubled the size of the System Memory for every new launch and 32 GB of RAM seems a presumable upgrade that MacBook Pro 2016 might see. Fingers crossed.

4. 4K Detachable Touch Screen

Retina screen had brought huge attention to screen clarity and resolution. Even though Retina resolution is not a kind of standard still it proved why Apply is known for its trend setting products. 4K tough screen would really add an extra level of excellence and will just raise the bar of expectation. After witnessing the huge popularity of iPad Pro's larger touch screens, Apple might wisely make the 4K Touch Screen Detachable.

5. Thinner and Light-weight Body

Skylake processor will give enough scope for making MacBook Pro more slimmer. Integration of detachable keyboard for iPad Pro dose also points to even improved Keyboards. 

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