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Cloudflare helps to prevent your website from various security and performance threats. Its quite simple, quick and instant to get your website configured with Cloudflare.

01. Signup

Signup on Cloudflare and get the appropriate subscription for you website. Its best to start with the free subscription and then upgrade afterwords as per the need.

02. Add site to cloudflare

Once you signup, then add your site to Cloudflare.

03. Scanning of the domain name

Cloudflare scans the domain name for getting all required information.

04. Select the plan

There are multiple plan options that you can subscribe for.

05. Fetches DNS details

Cloudflare fetches all required DNS details of the domain name

06. DNS Switch

Configure newly provided DNS to your domain name DNS settings.

07. Post configurations

  1. Configure the name servers of your domain name with the newly provided DNS details by Cloudflare. 
  2. It may take upto 24 hours to reflect the newly changed name servers.
  3. During this switch there will be 0 down-time experienced by the website.
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