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As client engagement is one of the most important responsibilities of CSM, it becomes necessary to gauge the stakeholder attending the different kinds of meetings at the set cadence. 

Unlike other meetings, QBR (Quarterly Business Review) meetings are highly strategic and attract the executive stakeholders such C-level executives, product owners or vertical heads from customer’s organization. Entire effort of planning and executing these meetings needs to be proactive.

Often this management segment of the stakeholders will have nothing to do with micro level detailing of the project and its happenings but something at large scale with cumulative outcomes which can be measured periodically.

Here are some of the important elements while planning and executing the QBR meetings:

01. Plan

These meetings and its cadence should be planned much in advance and while being mindful about the calendars of each stakeholder. Not only cadence but the agenda needs to be set precisely with the fixed items with provisions to accommodate spontaneous topics.

Knowing the quarterly cadence of the meetings - it will be wise to send advance notification about the schedule at least once one or two weeks before the calls.

02. Value Addition

Value addition in terms of your contribution to the project as CSM and the return-on-investment by utilizing subscribed product/service needs to be highlighted and presented in the form of quantitative data points spread across previous and current quarters.

03. Differentiating Factors

Present the differentiating factors against the competitors in the form of analytics and measurable metrics to present realistically how your offerings are helping customers to realize their short-term and long-term goals.

04. Business Goals

Discuss the business goals and how well your offerings helped customer's business goals. It will be good to include any of the new product / services in the discussion which can further expand the subscription ecosystem further adding more value to customers.

You may also consider bifurcating the short-terms and long-term goals and their current state through utilizing product / services.

05. NPS Score

Presenting the data and numbers specific to Net Promoter Score will be of best interest for the attendees.

06. Health Report Metrics

Of Course knowing its strategic nature, we cannot present an entire (lengthy) health report but certain important high-lights such as product usage, any kind of critical security or performance metrics, how well tickets were served in the last quarter and any kind of feedback received.

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