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Voice search

Aggressive voice controlled product launches by Apple, Google and Amazon has made the future for digital content promising from Voice Search optimization perspective. 

Some of the most popular devices with voice assist

1. Apple Home

Through Siri and Apple Home, Apple made one of the first attempt to bring voice assist as a concept to control the commands over its iPhone. This integrated seamlessly through Apple's iPhone and iPad product lines.

2. Google Go

Google Go is a voice activated speaker with Google Assist - which facilitates voice command assisted operation which otherwise we would do with manual interventions. We just need to start the conversation with this device with "Ok Google". This facility has been there for quite a some time now over the Android phones.

3. Amozon Echo

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker based on Alexa which can be controlled through voice. it can be used for question answering, playing music and controlling smart devices.

How to optimize web content for Voice Search?

We need to understand voice search will make no use of only keyboards hence search will be driven through the way we (humans) have conversation on daily basis. We must consider our websites at the receiving end.

Here are the ways to optimize your web content for voice enabled search:

1. Mobile First 

  • Mobile devices are every day companion of us hence Mobile First approach is no longer a good-to-have feature but an operational requirement.
  • Websites must be optimized for the mobile devices with specific breakpoints. Content, Navigation and UX of the website should be well optimized for the websites.

2. Localization and Personalization

  • Localization is playing a key role in voice enabled searches.
  • Language, locations and nearby kind of details should be considered.
  • Mobile devices do get matured through its usage by the user - based on the user's preferences, any GPS/MAP traces and even the history of the operations performed so that personalization aspect should be considered during SEO strategy building.

3. Humanized semantics

  • Humans don't interact only through the keywords, we prefer the complete sentences, phrases and questions.
  • This is where the larger volume of work is projected for marketers in terms of content promotion.
  • Instead of shorter terms of search keywords analyze more from conversation perspective. E.g. How can I go to Mumbai airport through express way?

4. Consider the SEO optimization for Mobile devices

  • There are separate set of Google guidelines for optimizing the website's SEO for Mobile Devices.
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